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Adult Lessons

COVID UPDATE: Please visit our Covid Update page to see the measures we are putting into place to keep everyone safe and how they might affect lessons.

High Top Circus Lessons and Workshops

We pride ourselves on providing high quality lessons, workshops and practice sessions in Brighton (Falmer) and surrounding areas throughout the week in a variety of disciplines, for all levels from total beginner to professional, we have a class for everyone.


All our adult lessons and workshops which are run by us can be booked on our Online Booking page. We also advertise our upcoming courses and workshops on our Facebook page and usually have a 'lesson this week' post at the start of the week including any drop in practice sessions available.

For more info on the different disciplines we teach, please see below.

Sussex Sport Lessons

As well as the lessons we run ourselves, we also work in partnership with the University of Sussex Sport Centre (Sussex Sport) to provide a wide range of lessons for the sports centre's exercise program.

 They are open to the public but must be pre-booked via the Sports Centre's front desk (01273 678228).

Lessons on offer and times can vary throughout the year but usually consist of aerial and aerial yoga lessons on Tuesday and Thursday daytimes. For current schedule, pricing or anything else relating to booking these lessons please contact them directly

Aerial Circus Skills

We offer a variety of aerial lessons, workshops and practice sessions for all different levels. All lessons include mixed apparatus: static trapeze, silks (fabric), rope (corde lisse), loop (hammock) and/or aerial hoop (Lyra) unless stated otherwise.

Students can focus on their desired choice of apparatus with an experienced and knowledgeable tutor in a fun and friendly supportive environment in a beautiful fully equipped studio.

Aerial Yoga

Vayu Aerial Yoga is a practice that has been developed to create space mentally and physically, by opening up the body through various postures using the swing as a support system and tool used to facilitate and understand alignment while creating space within the body. Using the support of the swing we are able to challenge the body moving through various postures whilst allowing the nervous system to relax, encouraging a letting go into complete surrender. 
Inverting the body while suspended in the air not only provides many physical benefits such as spinal decompression, it also expands the mind by creating confidence, overcoming fear and allowing a change in the standard physical perception. 
It is truly the experience of a floating meditation.

Please note: The only Aerial Yoga lesson we currently teach are part of Sussex Sport's exercise program (see above).


Our Flexibility classes are a combination of strength conditioning, active flexibility and mobility drills, spiral movement, nerve glides, soft tissue release and breath work to really help your body reach it's potential and relieve stiffness, creating strength in lengthened end range positions to reduce the chance of injuries. 


These lessons are designed to help you progress in your handstand and handbalancing technique, suitable for all levels provided you can comfortably hold your own weight in your hands (able to get up to a free handstand/handstand on wall) right up to professional level students in this technique based class.
We will be working on the correct alignment of a handstand, understanding the balance, movement through different shapes plus conditioning and strength work.

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