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Day: Sunday

Time: 1.30-3.30pm

Dates: 11th February - 3rd March (4 weeks)

Venue: Dance Studio, Sussex Uni Sports Centre, Falmer (Google Maps)


This 4 week handstand & related flexibility course is designed to help you progress in your handstand technique and movement.

We will be working on the correct alignment of handstands, understanding the balance and movement through different shapes plus challenges, conditioning drills and strength work, adding in related flexibility training to improve your handstands and fluidity of movement.


This course is suitable for those already training handstands who can comfortably hold their own weight in their hands, even if you can't stay there yet! (you should be able to get up to free handstand/handstand on wall) and can safely cartwheel out when overshooting.


About Béa:


Béa is a French hand balancer and circus artist graduated from the Centre Regional des Arts du Cirque in Lille.

She started gymnastics at the age of 7, later integrating into the circus world specializing in hand balancing. Béa has been training handstands for over 10 years and for the last 3 years she has made it her full time occupation.

Béa spent the last two years training handstands intensively with Yaqin Deng, a renowned handstand and contortion teacher from China. 

She strives to make the handstand learning process fun and enjoyable.

Handstands & Related Flexibility Course with Béa (Sun 11th Feb - 3rd March)

£98.00 Regular Price
£49.00Sale Price
  • All students must complete an online Student Info Form before attending any of our lessons or workshops. If you have submitted a form since September 2021 then you only need to re-submit the form if any of the information has changed, if you are unsure than please send us a new form.


    (You may complete your purchase before submitting the form to secure your place but please submit the form immediately afterwards. Please note, students who haven't completed a form prior to the start of the lesson / workshop will not be able to participate.)

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