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Lesson FAQ

COVID UPDATE: Please visit our Covid Update page to see the measures we are putting into place to keep everyone safe and how they might affect lessons.


Who are the lessons for?


Anyone over 16 can join our adult lessons and we also have youth lessons ranging from ages 7-17. If you think you may need any special requirements, please get in contact with us and we will be happy to help.


Do I need to book in advance and how much does it cost?


Almost all of our lessons and workshops are pre-book only. If you see a lesson or workshop labelled as 'drop in' then you do not need to pre-book. Lessons and workshops are priced individually, please see our Online Booking page for our available lessons and workshops.

Practice sessions are normally run on a 'drop in' basis but students must have adequate experience and be pre-approved. Available practice sessions are normally advertised on our facebook page.


Any lessons run in partnership with Sussex Sport, must be pre-booked via the Sports Centre's front desk (01273 678228), this includes Circus Club youth lessons on Sundays. For more information including pricing please contact them directly.


Circus Pearls youth lessons are booked via email, for more information please visit our Youth Lessons page


What do I wear/bring?


Please wear clothes which let you move freely but are not too loose fitting with no buckles or zips and please remove all jewelry and/or piercings that could get caught on the equipment. Avoid bare skin such as wearing shorts (a leotard/unitard/swimsuit underneath your clothing is recommended).


Please bring drinking water. We also recommend bringing extra layers that you can put over the top if you find moves painful (such as leg warmers, a long sleeved top and/or tracksuit bottoms) and you may want to bring a notebook to keep track of what you've learnt.


You don't need to bring trainers.


Do I have to be strong and/or flexible already?


No. Although we do recommend you have a very basic level of fitness, you do not have to be super strong or flexible to start learning as a beginner. Joining our lessons is a great way to improve your strength, flexibility and fitness!


Do I need any kind of previous experience?


No, we have lessons for all levels.


What level am I?

Beginner: New to aerial circus or still mastering the fundamental techniques (catchers, hiplock, footlock... etc) and learning to invert mid air.


Improver: Can invert mid air, are confident with all the fundamental techniques and can sequence moves together.


Advanced: Experienced with a wide range of techniques and a good level of strength / body control.


I have experience in a similar discipline to aerial, can I start at an Improver or Advanced level?


Unfortunately not, although students who have experience in similar disciplines to aerial usually progress faster, it is very important to learn the basics with good technique and to create a strong foundation of skills to work from.



Where are the lessons?


We have two main venues that we use, the dance studio of the Sussex University Sports Centre in Falmer and the small hall of the All Saints Centre in Lewes. The venue will be listed on the course / workshop product page when you book and directions can be found for both venues on our How to find us page.



What happens if I'm late?


Please try to arrive promptly, for most of our lessons we do a group warm up at the start of the lesson which is an integral part of safe training. If you are late, it is up to the tutor's discretion to decide if it is safe for you to join but in most cases if you have missed a significant amount of the warm up, unfortunately you won't be able to join in (only experienced students may warm themselves up and join later).


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